Balancing the Evidence: Weight loss with a low carbohydrate diet
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A lot of people have been talking about a low carbohydrate diet for losing weight. This type of diet has many names like the Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet or the Protein Power Diet.

Some people have reported great weight losses on these diets and an improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In spite of this apparent success, these diets are not considered to be healthy by most health care providers. Some of these concerns are related to the fact that if a diet is low in carbohydrate it must be higher in fat and protein. And everyone knows that dietary fat is unhealthy. It has been associated with cancer and heart disease and obesity.

But being overweight is unhealthy too. And if the low carbohydrate diet helps you lose weight, how bad can it be?

The best way to find out is to examine the evidence for the risks and benefits associated with dietary fat so that you can make a decision about the best diet for you. Regardless of the dietary plan you choose, remember that the most successful weight loss plans always include regular physical activity.

On this site you can find information about dietary fat and its relationship to cancer, heart disease and obesity and some recommendations for applying this information to your diet for weight control.

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