Bounty Launch - Individual crew members

    Below is an "overhead" view of the crowded launch, followed by images of individual crew members, placed in the spots they occupy in the finished model. Two of the images show pairs of figures who are cooperating in activities - trying to swat a booby with an oar and raising the mainsail.  No correspondence is intended between the actual occupants of the launch and the figures, except for Bligh (who is identifiable by virtue of his uniform and log book) and John  Norton (the Bounty quartermaster who was killed by natives on Tofua, symbolically represented by a white-haired figure of my father, Michael Norton). 




human ballast

ill young man

rower 1


rower 3

rower 4

tribute to my father

resting man


pair after booby

man with log rope

bowrider 1


sick man

pair raising mainsail