• A handout as A MS Word file: This file will download to your computer. When you open it in MS Word, you will be able to edit or take notes directly on the handout with your computer.

  • A handout as A printable file: This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader. You will be able to view the file on your computer and print it. You can not add to it or edit it.

  • The Slide presentation as A MS PowerPoint file: This is a compressed file and you will need the program Stuffit Expander to decompress the file. This program is free and can be downloaded from the Aladdin website.
    You will need PowerPoint or a PowerPoint reader to view this lecture. If you do not have PowerPoint, you may download a free Reader at one of these sites.

    Once you have downloaded and expanded the lecture file open it in PowerPoint reader.
    CAUTION: You will not be able to print this file unless you have the complete PowerPoint program. These files are large, so you may want to consider other options before this one.

Material from the lecture is available in three formats: