Diet Record Instructions

You may complete this assignment by recording and analyzing your diet, or the diet of a friend for three days.

1.  Record everything consumed for a period of three days.

 2.  Enter the foods into a diet analysis computer program.

There are several programs for diet analysis on the internet.  I recommend the following:

Use version 2.0 and enter one day at a time. Take advantage of the option to save your diet to your computer or a disk. This may save you time later, especially if you find an error. Analyze the days separately then average the values as needed to fill out the Diet Record Summary Sheet.

Print out a list of the foods eaten and the analysis, including % Rec. values.

Check your print out.  Make sure you entered what you think you entered and that the serving sizes make sense.

3.  Diet Record Summary Sheet

Print out this sheet (pdf file) or download the sheet (MS Word file).   Use your analysis to answer the questions on the Diet Record Summary Sheet.  CAUTION!  The values that you enter on this sheet should be the AVERAGE for the three days. It may be necessary to do some calculations to arrive at the correct values.

Attach your computer print out. The print out should include the list of foods eaten and the analysis.
Put your name on the cover sheet and a code.  Write the same code on the next page.  The cover sheet will be removed before grading to preserve anonymity during the grading process.

Turn in the completed Summary Sheet and print out to the curriculum office.

4.  Common errors (Dumb Mistakes that you can avoid!)

Comments and answers on the summary sheet that indicate that the student does not know whether a compound is a vitamin, mineral, protein, fat or carbohydrate.  If you don't know what something is look it up!

Caloric intakes of up to 10,000 Kcals.  These can usually be traced to the entry of a stick of butter instead of a pat, 1 cup of coffee cream instead of a cup of coffee with cream, several pounds of various meats instead of several ounces and others too numerous to mention.  Check you work and ask yourself the question: Does this make sense?.