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Energy Use:

1. Calculate resting energy expenditure (REE) using the Harris Benedict Equation:

 REE for a female (kcal/day) = 655 +  9.7(W) + 1.8(H)  - 4.7(A)

 REE for a male (kcal/day)   =  66 + 13.7(W) + 5(H) - 6.8(A)
    W = weight in Kg
    H = height in cm
    A = age in years

 BEE _____________________________________

2. Estimate the calories used for daily physical activity.________

Sedentary Activity (mostly sitting):  20% -40% of REE
Light Activity (Sedentary activity plus daily walking program):  55%-65% of REE
Moderate Activity ( more active profession plus moderate exercise program):  70%-75% of BMR
Heavy Activity  ( Mail carrier who walks a route or daily vigorous exercise program): 80%-100% of BMR

3. Estimate the calories used for the thermic effect of food.  _______________

Approximately 10% of the sum of REE +physical activity

4.  Calculate estimated total daily energy use (1+2+3).__________________

5. From the diet analysis, what is the average daily caloric intake?_________

6. Subtract the daily caloric intake (5) from the daily energy use (4).   (4)-(5)=_________

7. If the number calculated in 6 is positive the individual should be losing weight.  If the number is negative the individual should be gaining weight.  Is the calculation consistent with this person's experience?


Composition of the diet: Fill in the table using averages for the three days you recorded.  

Recommended Diet
Your Diet
% kcal from Protein
% kcal from Carbohydrate
% kcal from Fat
% kcal from Saturated Fat
% kcal from Monounsaturated Fat
% kcal from Polyunsaturated Fat
Dietary Fiber (grams)
Protein (grams)
50 (women), 63 (men)
Calcium (mg)
Vitamin C (mg)
Iron (mg)
15 (women), 10 (men)
Sodium (mg)

Based on the values in the table, would you make any recommendations for dietary changes?

What recommendations would you suggest?