Case 9912: Phil
Phil, age 15, the eldest of three boys, lives with his family in Dayton, Maine. His father is a fireman and his mother works in a variety store. Phil's father is 40 years old and is being treated for hypercholesterolemia and hypertension. Phil's maternal grandfather died from a heart attack at age 55.

Phil is a good student who excels in the sciences and mathematics. As a result of his studies about ecology and limited natural resources, Phil strongly believes that the people of the United States consume too much meat and are wasting their natural resources. Two months ago, he and several of his friends decided to become vegetarians.

Phil has been in good health and is physically fit. At this last visit, two months ago, he weighed 121 pounds and was 66 inches tall. A skillful athlete, he particularly enjoys soccer and tennis. He usually plays several sets of tennis with his brothers on the weekends. Phil has soccer practice every day after school from 2:30 TO 5:00 PM. (Energy expenditure) In the last three soccer games Phil has not scored as well as usual. He has not lasted the game and the coach has had to send in substitutes. The coach thinks Phil's "fad diet" is ruining his health and his game and has told him to see the school nurse.

Phil refuses to eat meat, poultry, fish and eggs but will drink milk and eat other dairy foods. Since the school lunch menus usually include animal protein, his mother prepares bag lunches for Phil. She includes two cheese sandwiches, an apple or an orange, and graham crackers. Phil buys milk at school. (Diet Analysis)

 When you weigh Phil you find he weighs 117 pounds.