Syllabus 2001
Kathryn H. Thompson, Ph.D, R.D., L.D.
Office: 330 Stella Maris
Phone: 283-0170 ext. 2216

Credits: 1.0


    Basic Medical Biochemistry. .D. B. Marks, A. D. Marks and C. M. Smith. Williams and Wilkins, 1996.

    Medical Nutrition and Disease. 2nd ed. G. Morrison and L Hark. Blackwell Science, Inc., 1999.

    Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 14/e, McGraw-Hill Companies, 1998. (useful, but not required)


1. Computerized analysis of a 3 day diet record
2. Nutrition Exam

Grading:  This course will be graded either high pass, pass or fail. A pass will indicate that the student has attained competency in meeting the objectives of the course. Competency is shown through the satisfactory completion of each of the requirements of the course.  Each requirement will be graded pass or fail.  A student must pass each requirement in order to pass the course. Students will have two opportunities to pass each requirement. A student who passes each requirement on the first attempt will receive a high pass for the course. If a student fails a requirement on the first attempt, the process described below should be followed.  If the requirement is passed on the second attempt, the failure will be removed and a grade of Pass will be recorded. If a required item is failed twice, this will be recorded and the student will fail the course.

  1. Diet Record: If, on the first try, a student fails the computerized analysis of a 3 day diet record, the record will be returned and the date on which it is returned will be stamped on it and recorded in the Basic Science Office. The student may revise the diet record and resubmit it for grading within two weeks of the date that it was returned.
  2. Nutrition Exam: A mutually agreeable time within two weeks after the exam is returned will be scheduled for a retake.

Failure to return the diet record within the two week period mentioned above or to retake the exam as scheduled will constitute a failure and the student will fail the course.

Course Failure:  If the student fails the course, he/she will receive an F and be required to take the course at its next regularly scheduled time. A student may be allowed to take a comparable course at another institution. This must be approved by Dr. Thompson prior to the beginning of the alternative course.

Advanced standing:  Students who hold a graduate degree in nutrition or are registered dietitians are eligible for advanced standing credit. You must follow the procedures established by the college to apply for advanced standing.


Office hours can be arranged by appointment. Call or e-mail ,,for a time. If you call and I am not in, please leave a message including a good time to call you back and I will return your call.

DNEWS: This is an on-line, asynchronous, threaded discussion group. You will find a link to the site on most pages. Go here for course announcements, questions and answers that are of general interest to the entire class. You may post questions and answers here, too. Follow the instructions on the screen. I will be monitoring this daily.

Important Dates:

Diet Record due February 2, 2001
Nutrition Exam, February 1, 2001 at 9:00 AM