Unless you are taking the Final Examination on campus, you should take the Practice Examinations in elearn (see Distance Examinations).  The examinations are the same but you should take your practice examinations in the same format as you are going to take the final examination.

These exams are important for measuring your progress in this course relative to other students. After finishing each examination, grade it and see how your score compared to the mean achieved by a class of students. The mean score is the middle of the B range. If your score is quite low, contact me.

Examination 1; Chapters 4 through 7
Mean Score = 75%

Examination 2; Chapters 8 through 11
Mean Score = 75%

Examination 3; Chapters 19 through 21
Mean Score = 77%

Examination 4; Chapters 22 through 28
Mean Score = 75%

Examination 5; Chapter 29 through 33
Mean Score = 72%

Examination 6; Chapters 36 through 39
Mean Score = 82%

Practice Final Examination; All Chapters
Mean Score = 68%