How to place a calculator on the taskbar of your Windows PC

Open the start menu and click on documents. This opens Windows Explorer.
Near the upper right you will see a box labeled search document.
Type calc.exe and depress your return key.
Click the Computer box below the "No items match your search."
At least one choice of calc.exe should appear.
Before you make a shortcut, double click the choice of calc.exe and make sure a calculator opens.
If a calculator does not appear, go back and click another calc.exe until a calculator opens on your desktop.
If a calculator appears, go back and right click your choice last choice of calc.exe and choose create shortcut.
A shortcut for the calculator should appear on your desktop.
Right click the shortcut that appeared on your desktop and choose Pin to taskbar.
Right click and delete the calculator shortcut on your desk top to keep things neat.
Click the calculator shortcut on your taskbar to open the calculator.
Click the View drop down menu.
Chose Scientific and Basic on the menu.
You are now set up.

To calculate the Log of a number, simply enter the number and click the Log button.

To calculate the antilog, i.e., the number that the log represents, enter the Log and click the 10X button.

You can use this calculator anytime you wish including when you take your examination with ProctorU. If you take a paper final or the on-campus final, you will need to purchase a simple calculator.

How to place a calculator on the taskbar of your Mac OS

Click on Hour glass symbol in top right hand corner of screen. (can be done from any screen with any program running)

Type in spotlight bar "calculator" and select Calculator from drop down menu

Calculator will now be on screen and placed in dock at bottom of screen

To keep Calculator there permanently for those who want that, right click the calculator symbol, select "options", and "keep in dock"

To make it a scientific calculator, select calculator so it is top window,  and hit "command (apple key) 2"

Alternate way : Select calculator so it is top window, Select View at top of screen and Scientific from drop down menu

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