Welcome to the home page for Online Distance Medical Biochemistry (DPPP-368)! This online course is designed for Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Medical and other students who are entering a medical profession. This course differs from most traditional biochemistry courses in several ways. The focus is human medical biochemistry. The course is limited to what is known about humans and disregards plant and most microbial systems. It emphasizes human metabolism. Students develop an appreciation of metabolism during the fed, fasting and starved state. A substantial number of medical cases are included to demonstrate the relevance of biochemistry to health and disease.

You may enroll any day of the year from anywhere in the world and start the course  in approximately one week.

You can investigate further by clicking the online tabs above. The Syllabus will give you a more detailed overview of the course and Tuition and Enrollment will cover cost, prerequisites and rolling admissions. Some information is only available to enrolled students.

Over 5000 students have taken this four semester hour distance medical biochemistry course. Most had an undergraduate degree and were in the process of a career change. This course is delivered with videos of lectures, reading objectives, and assigned online problems with online support so it can be taken from any geographical location. A typical student will finish this course in about 15 weeks.

This course, Distance Medical Biochemistry, is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

To enroll in Medical Biochemistry (DPPP-368), use the "Tuition and Enrollment" tab above. For questions about the course, email or call Dr. Yonuschot at gyonuschot@une.edu or 919-240-5017.