Distance Examination is for students who live far from Maine or who would find it difficult to take the final examination on campus.  This online examination is proctored on your home computer by ProctorU.  Using your webcam, they watch you while you take the examination in the elearn system (http://elearn.une.edu).  

If you enrolled before May 1, 2012 and feel that you qualify for an exception to the online examination, please contact gyonuschot@une.edu

If you choose an electronic final versus an on campus  paper exam, you should take all your Practice Examinations in elearn and not on the Practice Examination webpages.  The questions and answers are the same in both places. This link will take you to the directions for entering elearn and taking practice examinations.

You will be able to get into elearn and take the practice examinations using the Username (I.D.) and Password that were emailed to you at the beginning of the course but only the ProctorU people can access the final examination, so when you take your final examination, you have to go through them. 

The final examination is proctored through your webcam.  The proctor looks at your test area through your webcam and makes sure that you are alone with a clean desk.  You will be able to use scratch paper and a calculator. The proctor will watch you and your computer screen so that you will not be able to do anything but take the final examination.  When you are finished with the Final Examination, your computer will be returned to normal.

About a week before you take your final examination, you must log on the ProctorU Schedule webpage, http://www.proctoru.com/une/, and click on "Schedule or Take an Exam" and "New Users: Create an Acccount." Fill in the blanks.  I would suggest that you use the same ID(User Name) and Password that were sent to you for entering University of New England’s elearn system when you enrolled in this course.  That way you will only have one set to remember.

Return to the "Schedule or Take an Exam" and Log In. A Schedule Grid will appear.  The white slots are available and the grey slots are not.  Click on a white box and a form will pop up asking you to type in the name of the test, “Biochemistry Final Examination,” and the approximate time you think you will need to complete the test.  Unless you have special needs, 3 hours should be sufficient.  You may request 4 hours but, unless you are a very slow test taker, you will not need the fourth hour.  Click on “ADD” and you can print out the conformation that appears.

When examination time comes, return to the ProctorU Schedule Webpage http://www.proctoru.com/une/ and Log In.  The schedule will appear.  Click the button on the top right of the page, “you have an exam, Click here to start.”  Once the Examination Room Webpage loads, you will see yourself in the webcam window.  If instead, a Setting Box appears, press allow, remember, and close.  You should hear the proctor being called.  If you have any problems, just skip to step 2.  Fill in your name, UNE, your phone number and click on “Connect your screen.”

Your Proctor will appear on the screen ask you to pan your camera around your desktop.  Then, the proctor will ask you to fill in your name, UNE, your phone number and click on “Connect your screen.”  A download window will pop up.  Click on “Run” or “Open.”  This will allow the Proctor to see your screen and begin the authentication process.

You will be asked to fill in your first name, middle initial, last name, street address, city, state, and zip code and, then, click the “Authentication Me” button.  Next, you will be asked to answer a series of questions to the best of your ability.  If you pass the authentication, the proctor will allow you to navigate to the UNE elearn system where you will login using your Username (I.D.) and Password. When you get to the page with the link for the "Final Examination", your proctor will open the examination for you.  If you have any technical problems, your proctor will be available to help.

When you finish the examination, you will be notified of your score and grade by email within three days. Don't forget to fill out the online course evaluation.

The cost of scheduling a final examination with ProctorU is free unless you reschedule the examination.  If you reschedule within 72 hours of your original date, you will be charged $5 by ProctorU for this short notice change.  If you reschedule outside of the 72 hour time period, the rescheduling will be free.

To watch a video of the online examination process, go to http://www.proctoru.com/une/ and click on “Watch the ProctorU Demo”.

Please contact me at 919-240-5017 or gyonuschot@une.edu if you have a problem with any step in this process. If I am not available, please call COM Distance Technical Help at 207-602-2335 or 207-602-2689 or email comdistancetechhelp@une.edu.

Test to make sure your upload and download speeds are fast enough for ProctorU.

If you decide to take your final examination with ProctorU, you should check your upload and download speeds on the internet. Got to http://www.proctoru.com/testitout/index.php. You should see yourself in the top left corner of the chalk board in about 30 seconds. If you don't see yourself, you might see something that is asking you to "Allow". If that is the case, please do so. Click oh the "Begin Test" button to make sure that your connection is fast enough. If you fail the test, please don't take the exam with ProctorU.

The specific technical requirements for using ProctorU are listed below:

1. PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 with 256 MB of RAM or higher
2. Mac: Mac OS10 or higher
3. A web cam with 640x480 video pixel resolution
4. Headphones or working speakers connected to the computer
5. A microphone connected to the computer (we recommend having a web cam that has a built in microphone)
6. A high speed internet connection (minimum 768 Kbps/128 Kbps)
7. A web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. (Google Chrome recommended for ProctorU website)
8. Authority to allow remote access to your computer and screen by one of our proctors