Your final examination target date is listed on the Class Roster webpage. You may take the final examination on an earlier date or up to one month following the target date. If you cannot take the examination by that time, please send an email to me requesting an Incomplete grade.

If you are taking your final examination on-campus, i.e., a paper versus an electronic examination, you should take all of your practice examinations using the Practice Examinations webpages and not the Practice Examinations in Blackboard.  The questions and answers are the same in both places.

Bring a valid photo driver’s license and one other form of identification.  Bring a pencil with an eraser for circling the correct answer.  Scratch paper is allowed.  Simple calculators for determining logs are allowed but memory devices capable of holding course notes are not allowed.  No cell phones.

For students taking the examination on the University Campus of UNE in Biddeford, all exams are held at 9:55 a.m. in Room 315 of Stella Maris Hall.  Stella Maris is the White Building on the left as you drive onto the campus using Hills Beach Road.  Because all campus buildings are locked on weekends, you must meet the proctor at the front door (the door closest to Hills Beach Road) at the assigned time.  Otherwise, you will not be allowed to take the examination.

Please check this site again one week before your examination date to make sure that the examination site and time has not changed.

A map to the Biddeford campus is found at  A map of the campus is found at

For students who want to take the examination at UNE but not on the day of the month that the free examination is offered, a proctor is available for a fee of $75.00.  You can contact the approved proctor at and make arrangements.

On Campus Final Exam Dates:

10 AM on 03/03/12
10 AM on 04/14/12
10 AM on 05/05/12
10 AM on 06/02/12
10 AM on 07/07/12
10 AM on 08/04/12
10 AM on 09/08/12
10 AM on 10/06/12
10 AM on 11/03/12
10 AM on 12/01/12
10 AM on 01/05/13
10 AM on 02/02/13
10 AM on 03/02/13
10 AM on 04/06/13
10 AM on 05/04/13
10 AM on 06/01/13
10 AM on 07/13/13
10 AM on 08/03/13
10 AM on 09/07/13
10 AM on 10/05/13
10 AM on 11/02/13
10 AM on 12/07/13