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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Summer Groove

I can't believe it's been over two months since I last blogged! Even though the late spring/early summer time has less simulations happening, these are the days to get all kinds of other things going like upgrades, implementation of new equipment, organizing and special training. And that's what I've been doing! Here's the list of sim doings from the past two months:
(Links are orange and my quick notes are in red.)


1. Amsco 2080M surgical table. Allows for more realistic OR simulations.
The new OR bed
2. Laerdal Heartcode ACLS system. A stand alone ACLS training, testing and licensing system.

3. Laerdal Advanced Video System. Digital debriefing now possible for SimMan and SimBaby.

4. Hill Rom 835 Hospital bed setup. Looks like a proper inpatient room now.

SimMan sleeping in his new bed
5. Sennheieser circumaural headphones. Better sound, better comfort and the ability to hear the goings on in the control room simultaneously.

6. Apple MacBook Pro running StudioCode software. Digital debriefing for the HPS or any other simulation.

7. Sony 26 inch HD LCD screen. Multiple uses for debriefing and didactic work.
8. Primera Bravo 2 disc publisher. Makes multiple copies of various disc types quickly...with on disc printing.

9. Privacy screens. Adds flexibilty and realism to simulation rooms.

Screens for use in both room 117 and 116
10. Sony and Canon digital still and video cameras. Allows us to be our own in house production studio.


1. Attended a "How to Build A Simulation Center" course at the Mayo Multidisciplinary Simulation Center in Rochester Minnesota.

2. Attended Laerdal's Northeast Simulation Users Network at Foxwoods.

A Simman and backdrop display at SUN
3. Trained with StudioCode technician and recorded Maine Medical's ER residents for detailed, digital debriefing.

4. Configured the Laerdal AVS system in the control room and re-structured the METI HPS computer 2 so that it is positioned on top of the rack.

5. Re-organized all rooms to be more clean and efficient, using new storage and labeling materials.

HPS dude with computer close by

So...now the goals for the summer are clear - We want to improve all aspects of our simulations and debriefing capabilities.

A. With the new digital debriefing systems we will leap to a new level of detail and be able to data collect as never before.
B. With more appropriate bedding and clinical gear we can better simulate the "look and feel" of a particular setting.
C. With more time in the summer to learn how to use the new equipment we are able to get comfortable with it and then train faculty come fall.

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming blogs and Simulation Users Group Meetings! Enjoy the summer!


khelent said...

Hi Todd,
You've been hard at work. I'm a nursing instructor just breaking into the field. How long did it take to start up your simulation lab? and cost? How many people are involved? I noticed Mayo Clinic had a seminar in June discussing this. Will continue to keep tabs. Awesome work!

June 27, 2007 8:55 PM


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