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Stephan Zeeman


Steve was born in Indonesia of Dutch-Indonesian parents and lived in the Netherlands for three years prior to emmigrating to the United States. Steve has been at the University of New England since 1987. He teaches courses related to Oceanography (his name in Dutch means "sailor"). Students just *love* his courses.

Most of Steve's research involves phytoplankton physiology and ecology, primarily related to food-web dynamics. Because of this he has strong interests in zooplankton and nutrient cycling as well. He uses tools including stable- and radioisotopes, computer simulation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and remote sensing.

Much of his work has been in the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean. Early work there was in collaboration with scientists from the Soviet Union, (now Russia). He is currently working on the influence of climate change, on freashwater hydrology and the impacts on coastal ecosystems. He and his colleagues are looking at a wide variety things including meteorology, biology, chemistry, physics and hydrology. The project uses tools including field sampling, remote sensing, GIS, molecular biology, and computer modeling.

He recently worked on food chain dynamics on the East Coast focusing on right whales and basking sharks. In this work he used GIS and remote sensing, along with satellite tagging, to look at habitat preferences and migratory behavior of these species. This work also involved other techniques to analyze trophic linkages of these animals, namely stable isotopes, and his collaborators are working on hormones to tease out the determinants of migration.

He also participated in a research project studying the effects of UV-radiation on marine life.

Prior to coming to UNE, Steve directed an environmental education center in the Everglades of florida. Before that, he conducted Postdoctoral studies at Harbor Branch Oceanographic institution in Ft. Pierce, Florida.



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Stephan Zeeman
Department of Marine Sciences
University of New England
11 Hills Beach Road
Biddeford, ME 04005
[e-mail to]szeeman@une.edu

Telephone: (207) 602-2410
FAX: (207) 282-6379

URL: http://faculty.une.edu/cas/szeeman/zeeman.html