Psychology 350: Theory, Research and Practice of Clinical/Counseling Psychology

Dr. Linda L. Morrison 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to expose you to a variety of contrasting theoretical models underlying both individual and group practice in clinical and counseling psychology. Additionally, research supporting the various theoretical models will be examined. A second objective of this course is to expose you to ethical and professional issues in counseling and psychotherapy and assist you in developing a position on some of these issues. A third objective is for you to examine some of your own qualities that may support and/or hinder your attempts at being therapeutic for others. Finally, portions of this course will be experiential in nature--that is-- you will learn by doing.

PREREQUISITES: Introductory Psychology and Junior or Senior standing are the stated prerequisites for this course. It is also desirable for students to have had Personality Theories before they take this course, although for this year that prerequisite will not be enforced.

TEXTS: The two books listed below are required reading for all students in this course. These two books should be shrink-wrapped together and available at the bookstore. I am appalled at the price--- but it is twelve dollars cheaper for you since I had them shrink-wrapped. Lectures and discussions will assume that you have done the assigned readings prior to class. I reserve the right to assign you readings outside of the texts and these will be available either through class or on reserve in the library.

Corey, G. (1996). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. (5th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.

Corey, G. (1996). Case Approach to Counseling and Psychotherapy. (4th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.


Date                                      Topic                                                              Reading Assignment

F               Introduction & Course Overview                                              Ch 1 (text)

M            The counselor as a person and a professional                         Ch 2 (text)

F              World Views and Values                                                              Ch 2 (text)

M            Ethical Issues in Practice                                                               Ch 3 (text)

F              Ethical Issues in Practice (cont'd)

M             Theoretical Orientations Overview                                              Ch 1 (case)

F               Psychoanalytic Therapy                                                                Ch 4 (text)

M           Psychoanalytic Therapy (cont'd)                                                  Ch 2 (case)

F            Adlerian Therapy                                                                             Ch 5 (text)

M          Adlerian Therapy (cont'd)                                                               Ch 3 (case)

Feb 21 F                                                 NO CLASS- LONG WEEKEND

M         Existential Therapy                                                                            Ch 6 (text) & Ch 4 (case)

F                                                              MIDTERM EXAMINATION

M          Person-Centered Therapy                                                                 Ch 7 (text)

F           Person-Centered Therapy (cont'd)                                                   Ch 5 (case)

M       Gestalt Therapy                                                                                    Ch 8 (text)

F         Gestalt Therapy (cont'd)                                                                     Ch 6 (case)

M        Reality Therapy                                                                                   Ch 9 (text)

F          Reality Therapy (cont'd)                                                                    Ch 7 (case)

                                                                 SPRING BREAK-- YEE HAW!!

M        Behavior Therapy                                                                                Ch 10 (text)

F            Behavior Therapy (cont'd)                                                                 Ch 8 (case)

M          Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy                                                           Ch 11 (text)

F         Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (cont'd)                                             Ch 11 (case)

M       Family Systems Therapy                                                                      Ch 12 (text)

F         Family Therapy Techniques                                                               Ch 10 (case)

M       Eclectic Therapy                                                                                   Ch 13 (text)

F         Your own therapeutic style                                                                 Ch 11 (case)

M        Case of Stan/ Course Wrap-up                                                          Ch 14 (text)

FINAL EXAM: _______________________________________________________________________

EVALUATION: For your benefit, your final grade will be based upon several different measures of performance in this course.

Quizzes: There will be six pop quizzes based on the reading assignments. Each quiz will be worth 20 points and your lowest quiz score will be dropped at the end of the term. Because one quiz score is dropped, there will be no makeup quizzes for any reason. The message here is twofold: (1) BE PREPARED FOR CLASS BY DOING THE READINGS and (2) YOU MUST COME TO CLASS!!

Exams: There will be one midterm and one comprehensive final exam. These exams will cover materials presented in class as well as any material assigned from the text and readings (handouts). Each of these exams will have both objective and subjective questions. Both exams will have a take-home component which is due immediately before your in-class exam. The take-home portion of your exams will not be accepted late for any reason, and they must be typed double-spaced with reasonable margins. The take home questions will be availableat least two class periods before your exam is due. Your midterm exam is worth 150 points and your final exam is worth 200 points toward your final grade. IMPORTANT!! Do not miss a scheduled exam!! Only in an extreme case (which you will be asked to document) will alternative arangements be made for a make up exam, and I must be notified of your absence PRIOR to the exam. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in no possibility of a make up and no credit.

Active Class Participation: To succeed in this course- you must attend class AND actively participate. This portion of your total point accumulation is worth 50 points. This is not a sleeper course. You need to be in class, and be ready to be an active participant by doing the readings and thinking about the course material. If you do this- you will be rewarded with a full 50 points towards your final grade. Unexcused absences will be penalized. Summary: The relative weight given to each course requirement is listed below.

Type # and points for each  Total 
Quizzes  5 @ 20 points each  100
Midterm Exam 1 @ 150 points  150 
Final Exam 1 @ 200 points 200
Active Class Participation  1 @ 50 points  50

                                                                                                       TOTAL: 500

Final course grades will be assigned as follows:

A = 92.5-100% or 462-500 points
A- = 90.0-92.4% or 450-461 points
B+ = 87.5-89.9% or 437-449 points
B = 82.5-87.4% or 412-436 points
B- = 80.0-82.4% or 400-411 points
C+ = 77.5-79.9% or 387-399 points
C = 72.5-77.4% or 362-386 points
C- = 70.0-72.4% or 350-361 points
D = 60-69% or 300-349 points
F = < 60% or at or below 299 points

IMPORTANT: Please note: I never curve exam scores or final grade point distributions. What you earn in this class is up to you and your performance on the point system.


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