Dr. Linda Morrison

by Amy Doane  

Dr. Linda L. Morrison received her bachelors degree in Psychology in 1985 from Alfred University in Alfred, New York. She took a year off from her studies to serve as the Program Director of the Rape Education and Prevention Program at The Ohio State University, and then she resumed her educational pursuits in the Counseling Psychology program at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. Linda received her Masters Degree in 1989, and her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 1993. From 1989-1995 she worked part-time in private practice, and in 1990 she did a year long, APA approved internship at Ohio State University's Counseling Center. From 1991-1994, Dr. Morrison served as a staff psychologist in the counseling center at Ohio Wesleyan University. In 1994, she moved to Naperville, Illinois to accept a faculty position at North Central College, and in 1995, she served as a visiting professor at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. After having served in a variety of educational institutions, Dr. Morrison "landed" at The University of New England in the fall of 1996. She was recruited to help develop the pre-counseling track in the Psychology and Social Relations department.

     Dr. Morrison's resume is filled with presentations and consulting work she has provided for organizations and institutes of higher education. Her most significant contributions have been in the areas of rape education, training in cultural diffferences, and homophobia reduction. Her research interests are primarily in the ares of suicide risk assessment, racial differences in self-disclosure of suicidal ideation, and the efficacy of support programs for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) young people. She is currently collecting data on the success of such programs in decreasing suicidal risk for GLBT youth.

     Some of the courses that Dr. Morrison teaches at the University of New England are: Introductory Psychology, The Sociocultural Context of Human Development, Theories of Counseling, Theories of Personality, The Psychology of Gender, and Abnormal Psychology. She also coordinates the upper level internship program for all Psychology and Social Relations majors.

Students report that Dr. Morrison's classes are tough, but that they learn a lot of significant information about the field of counseling and clinical psychology. In the past, Dr. Morrison has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in Tests and Measures, Multicultural Counseling, and Mental Health and Society, and may be adding some of these courses to her work at UNE.

     In her spare time, Dr. Morrison enjoys taking her springer spaniel Shelby to the beach, serving the American Psychological Association as a member at large in three different divisions, and providing consulting assistance to OUTRIGHT, an organization supporting GLBT youth in Portland, ME.

     Dr. Morrison recommends the following web sites as important starting points if you are interested in the field of psychology.

www.apa.org This is the American Psychological Association's web site. Very helpful. www.psych-web.com Very good place to start looking at issues in psychology. Crib sheet on APA publication manual and other cool stuff.

www.chronicle.merit.edu The Chronicle of Higher Education often has interesting articles on teaching in psychology

www.unl.edu The Buros Institute web site. This site has great information about psychological tests and the evaluation of such instruments.

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