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SPM Research

Modeling Research

NSF CCLI DUE 0737458

NSF TUES DUE-1044154

NSF TUES DUE-1044154, ctd.

Nicholas Demers - Nano Electronics and Biological SPM

Quantitative Motion Mapping (PDF Document)

AAPT10 Buoyancy PPT

AAPT11 Buoyancy PPT

AAPT12 Buoyancy PPT

Audio Beat Simulator in Logger Pro & Excel, zipped

Tamieka Armstrong - STM of G-wires

UNE/CSUF Modeling Comparison

Buoyancy Lab

Buoyancy Applet

Two Speaker Interference Simulator in Logger Pro and Excel, zipped

Matthew Fletcher & Bethany Rioux G-wire Xtal Growth

FCEPT Modeling Workshop Results

Buoyancy Deployment

AAPT13 Bernoulli Poster

AAPT 15 – San Diego

Circulatory System Resource Files (ppt, poster, workbook assessment & analysis, zipped)

Marci Luhrs and Kristin Eccleston G-wire Orientation

Cautionary Tales

Bernoulli Lab

Modeling Based Ideal Gas Laboratories

Inexpensive Audio Activities Supplementary Materials

Sarah Dobrowolski and Meredith Weglarz - SPM of Fibrinogen

Mattthijs van den Berg Buoyancy Analysis

Bernoulli Deployment

Modeling Based Ideal Gas Worksheets

Elizabeth McAndrew, Sean Johnson and Meredith Weglarz - SPM of Cardiac Myocytes

Dellwo Gain Analysis

Drag Deployment

Four Modeling Instruction Fluids Modules

Kether Scharf-Gray - SPM of G-wire DNA



Interview Based Fluids Assessments


Research Support

Research Corporation Grant CC4204

National Science Foundation Grant DUE-9750942

National Science Foundation Grant DUE-9952668

National Science Foundation Grant DMR-0116398

National Science Foundation Grant DUE-0737458

National Science Foundation Grant DUE-1044154


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