Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Why is there no required textbook in this course?  We make the textbook during the semester through the completion of paradigm activities and the development of basic physical models.

2.   What am I supposed to do with the materials at the beginning of each unit?  Read and become familiar with the introductory information before class.

3.   How do I know when to read this material?  The syllabus describes when each unit is to be covered in class. 

4.   Where are the homework solutions kept and should I copy them?  The homework solutions will be available in 350 Decary and should not be copied – they are for reference only.

5.   What is meant by “class participation” and how is it graded?  Class participation consists of at least one whiteboard presentation in class/semester plus participation in class and lab discussions.  The participation is incorporated in your lab grade.

6.   How important are labs and how many labs can I miss?  The labs are the most important part of the course.  You may miss one lab for any reason (however, you will get a zero for the associated lab quiz) and still be eligible to pass the course.

7.   Each exam includes how much material covered in the course?  All of it, all exams are cumulative.

8.   Should I wait to go to the bathroom after I have started an exam?  No bathroom breaks, or departures from the exam room, are allowed.

9.   How is my grade computed?  60% of the grade is based on three exams, 40% on lab quizzes and participation.  5% extra credit assessments are added on top of this grade.

10.         Should I ask the instructors to calculate my grade?  No, it is your responsibility to keep track of your grade.  Dr. V can confirm your grade from information you provide (in particular lab grades). 

11.         Furtive looks at my neighbors exam is okay?  No form of academic dishonesty will be tolerated.

12.         What happens if a lab is cancelled, e.g. because of inclement weather?  You are responsible for making up missed lab during a regularly schedule lab regardless of the cause.  Please note that reasonable accommodations will be made during optional Friday tutorials for students with bonafide excuses.


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