Student Researchers

Summer 2017

  • Bill White,
    Modeling the effect of fluorescent dye and quencher functionalization on DNA double helix stability

Summer and Fall 2016, Spring 2017

  • Ken Mei,
    Optimization of supercritical solvent extractions for separation and analysis of organic compounds on Mars

Summer 2016, Summer 2017

  • Carolyn Lucy,
    Impact of single base deletions on DNA stability in microarray systems

Spring 2016

  • Michelle Pham,
    Effect of single base deletions on the stability of short DNA duplexes

Summer 2015, Summer 2016

  • Brea Rivard,
    Structure and stability of DNA duplexes with a central mutation in a model microarray system
    Impact of unequal strand length on DNA duplex stability on microarray systems

Summer and Fall 2015

  • Lenny Pelletier,
    The effect of probe strand length on DNA hybridization

Summer 2014

  • Wyler Scamman,
    A modified coarse-grained DNA model and its application to surface density effects on hybridization

Spring and Fall 2013, Spring, Summer and Fall 2014, Spring 2015

  • Sarah Cooper,
    The effect of unequal probe and target strand length on DNA hybridization in a model microarray system

Spring and Summer 2012, Spring 2013

  • Matt van den Berg,
    The influence of probe surface density on base-pair hydrogen bonding in DNA microarrays

Summer 2011, Spring and Summer 2012

  • Mike Huber,
    The effects of supercritical carbon dioxide on the solubility of small molecules within a polyethylene glycol solution
    The effect of temperature and pressure on the solubility of ethylbenzene in supercritical carbon dioxide

Summer and Fall 2010, Spring and Summer 2011

  • Vernon Chan,
    Computational investigation of unexpected results during the attempted formation of 6-desoxynaltrexone
    Analysis of C-ring conformational preferences in naltrexol analogs via NMR and molecular modeling

Summer 2010

  • Mark St. John,
    Predicting hybridization strength between probe and target DNA by comparing complementary and mismatched sequences

Spring and Fall 2010

  • John Allen,
    Effect of surface binding orientation on heterogeneous DNA duplex stability

Spring 2010

  • Jen Bayron,
    Conformational analysis of 6-naltrexol and derivatives

Fall 2008, Spring, Summer and Fall 2009

  • Emily Schoch,
    Investigation of DNA hairpin loop structures using molecular simulation and a coarse-grained model
    Molecular simulation of DNA probes in microarrays

Summer and Fall 2007

  • Nick Tito,
    Melting temperature analysis of solution and surface-bound DNA decamer sequences including effects of single mutations

Summer 2006

  • Luke Rankin,
    The effect of polymer molecular weight on the solubility of a carbon dioxide + ethyl benzene mixture in poly(ethylene glycol)

  • Melissa Buchanan,
    An improved coarse-grained model for use in DNA melting and hybridization simulations

Fall 2005

  • David Amagai,
    Molecular simulation of water + ethanol mixtures

Summer 2005

  • Rob Pedersen,
    DNA melting and hybridization transitions using a coarse-grained model

  • Julian Peters,
    Optimizing the extraction of ethyl benzene from poly(ethylene glycol) using supercritical carbon dioxide: A Monte Carlo study