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Reading Response EDU 217/517 & 320/520 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 28 December 2006
Response to the Course Texts and SpeakersLanguage Arts (EDU 320/520) 

Put the course number, the date, the book title, and the chapters assigned (or Speaker’s name) at the top of your response paper. 


1 – Undergraduate students write one quote from the reading (include the page number) or the speaker.   Then write why that quote struck you as memorable or personally meaningful.  An example from your schooling past or a suggestion how you would deal with this situation in your future classroom is expected.  This is all part of #1.  Graduate students write a second quote and respond to that quote as describe above in a second paragraph. 


2 – Write one question that comes from the reading or the speaker.  It can be a rhetorical question or a personal question related to your exploration of literacy learning or yourself as a teacher.


3 - Give a possible answer to your question.  Explain why you answered as you did. 


4 - Comment on one point of learning from the previous class.  Explain its impact on your thinking about teaching and learning.


Include the numbers 1 to 4 to organize your responses for me.


By Word attachment, send your responses to each of the seven reading and DVD assignments and to the three speakers via email prior to class that week to earn credit for them (See Assignment sheet for exact due dates.).  


I will use the time and date on your email to determine if the assignments were on time.  Each assignment is worth five points.  Late assignments can earn up to 3 of 5 points.  I will respond electronically to your question.  


            Graduate students – If after you have tried this format for a few times, you have an alternate way to demonstrate your learning in writing, let me know.  Undergraduate students – This goes for you, too.

    Dan Rothermel, PhDDepartment of EducationUniversity of New England
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