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Clinical Experience Application EDU 105 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Tuesday, 15 August 2006
     Clinical Experiences ApplicationBiddeford Public Schools Exploring Teaching (EDU 105) 

Print Carefully


Name _________________________________________________________________


Local Address __________________________________________________________


Phone/Cell Phone _______________________________________________________


Email Address __________________________________________________________


Range of Grade Level of Interest ___________________________________________


(Middle and High School only) Subject Area __________________________________


Do you have a car or access to a car?   Circle one.     Yes     No


When are you available?  Check all that apply

Mon AM ____    Tue AM ____     Wed AM ____     Thu AM ____     Fri AM ____

Mon PM ____     Tue PM ____     Wed PM ____      Thu PM ____      Fri PM ____


Brief statement why you are interested in teaching. Continue on back.


One interesting experience you’ve had unrelated to your interest in teaching.  Continue on back.


I agree to be faithful in my attendance to my Biddeford classroom and act in accordance with the standards expected of Biddeford teachers.

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