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Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Clinical Experience - Resources

in Language Arts (EDU 320/520)


I have been in contact with the principals and teachers listed under Public School Contacts (see the end of this handout) who look forward to your visiting their schools.  You may also contact principals whom you know. 


Set up a meeting with the principal.  On the day of your visit to the school, dress professionally (i.e. as if you were teaching at the school [no jeans]).   Also remember, it all counts.  You never know who will be the one to select you for a teaching position or support you in getting a teaching position, if you decide to teach.  Deal with everyone at the school as if you were in the midst of an extended job interview.  That fact is, you are. 


Bring a copy of my ?School Administrator? letter to the principal.  Consider writing a letter of introduction yourself to the principal.  Introduce yourself, tell of your interest or passion for teaching, and ask for her/his recommendations for a teacher who inspires kids.  Ask them, if possible, for a teacher who would welcome your participation in the classroom during the two hours of your visit.  (Observing is important but being actively involved with students will hook you into the best part of teaching: the students.) 


When you first meet your cooperating teacher, give her/him a copy of my ?Cooperating Teacher? letter.  During your time in the classroom, use a journal to take notes of what goes on, the interaction among teachers and students, and the questions you have.  Either before you leave the school or very soon thereafter, write a thank you note to the teacher and another to the principal for their willingness to let you learn with them at their school.


Begin calling schools immediately as your first clinical experience response paper is due during the fourth week in class. 


Public School Principals


            Young School (K-2) ? Principal Peter Harrison    284-7053


            C.K. Burns School (3-5) ? Principal Terry Young   tyoung@saco.org

We are excited about continuing our relationship with UNE students and enjoy
being able to share the experience of teaching and learning at the 3rd,
4th, and 5th grade level

Saco Middle School (6-8) ? Principal Rick Talbot   rtalbot@saco.org 

282-4181, extension 2303    They can  contact me via email or phone--whichever works better for them.   I enjoy the great relationship Saco has with UNE.  I look forward to another exciting and great year.  



            John F. Kennedy Memorial School (Kindergarten) ?  282-4134, 64 West Street, Biddeford, Maine

Biddeford Primary School (Grades 1-3) [Call Madeline Belanger at 282-8285.  Tell her you want to observe and participate for two hours and what times and days that you can visit.  Reading and Language Arts is often done from 830-11A]   Joan L. Warren, Principal. 320 Hill Street, Biddeford, Maine.  The principal is welcomes UNE students!

            Biddeford Intermediate School (Grades 4-5) Principal Debra Kenney or Paulette Bonneau   282-5957,  335 Hill Street, Biddeford, Maine


Biddeford Middle School (6-8) ? Principal Charles Lomonte    We'd be happy to have your students visit. The best time to reach me is from 7:45 am - 9:00 am. They can call 282-6400 and tell me what their schedules and their subjects are and I'll see how we can accommodate them.  25 Tiger Drive, Biddeford, Maine



            Kennebunk Elementary School (K-3) Principals Terry Allen and Deb Johnson (tallen@msad71.net and djohnson@msad71.net)

Sea Road School (4-5) ? Principal Kevin Crowley  (kcrowley@msad71.net)   We would be pleased to work with your students.  Have  them email me and I will set up placements for them.   If there is anything else I can do just let me know.        

            Middle School of the Kennebunks (6-8) ? Principal Fran Farr (ffarr@msad71.net)  We have had a steady stream of UNE students through the years, so we would welcome yours.  If you'll have them contact me with days and times they are available, I'll be happy to set something up.  



Reiche Elementary School (K-5).  Contact the school's volunteer coordinator, JoAnn Ellis.  She is very welcoming of UNE students for observation. Contact her directly at 207.874.8175   166 Brackett Street, Portland, ME 04102


            Eight Corners Elementary School (K-2) 22 Mussey Road, Scarborough, ME  04070, Principal Anne Marley, AMarley@ec.scarborough.k12.me.us

            Scarborough Middle School (6-8), Principal Jo Anne Sizemore  jsizemo@scarborough.k12.me.us  She says, ?I would be interested in having about 3 to 4 students work with us at Scarborough Middle school.  The best way would be for you to email the names of the students who are interested in coming to Scarborough.  Then the students can connect me.  I hope this works.?   Simply email me of your interest and I will pass that information on to the principal.

 Scarborough High School (9-12), Principal Patricia Conant.     Students wanting visits can call Pat Wakem, my Administrative Assistant, at 730-5000.  They'll need to give her their name and the subject area in which they'd like to visit.



            Falmouth Middle School (5-8)  Principal Jeff Rodman  jrodman@fps.k12.me.us



            Mitchell Primary School (K-2) ? Principal David Foster    439-1707

            Shapleigh Middle School (6-8) ? (new principal)                     439- 2572

            Traip Academy High School (9-12) ? Principal Pat Garnis  439-1121



                Village Elementary School (K-2) ? Principal Ruth Dealy    363-4870, rdealy@yorkschools.org           

Coastal Ridge Elementary School (2-4) ? Principal Jane Stephenson   363-1800, jstephenson@yorkschools.org

            York Middle School (5-8) ? Principal Steve Bishop  363-4214, sbishop@yorkschools.org


Public School Teachers



Kathy Pleau, Grade 2, Fairview School, 397 Minot Avenue, Auburn, ME 04210, school number (207) 784-3559 x109, email kpleau@auburnschl.edu     Emailing me usually works best because I can respond a lot quicker.  I hope this helps and I will be looking forward to seeing more of your students in the future!  I would love to have your students come.  I have a dynamic group of kids and just love being "watched.?

Patty DeFilipp, Grade 4, Fairview School, 397 Minot Avenue, Auburn, ME 04210.  I'd be happy to have your students from UNE come to my classroom to observe/participate. They can reach me at this email to set up appointments (pdefilipp@auburnschl.edu).



Mary Bellavance, Reading Specialist, Biddeford Primary School, 320 Hill Street, Biddeford, Maine 04005, (207) 282-8285, mbellavance@biddschools.org

Lori Flynn, Grade 2, Biddeford Primary School, 320 Hill Street, Biddeford, ME, 04005, lflynn@biddschools.org


Buxton (SAD #6)

Donna Malarsie, Grade 6, Bonny Eagle Middle School  (207) 929-3833


Dolores White, Grade 4/5 Multiage, Hanson School, dwhite@sad6.k12.me.us

We are all learners - our level of learning is measured by our individual ownership of that learning.  If all participants? children, teacher and college students truly believe this, then all encounters provide a win/win situation for all. I look forward to hearing from your students.


Diane Caswell, Grade 4, S. D. Hanson School, Buxton, ME  04038, dcaswell@sad6.k12.me.us     

Just received your note about students visiting.  I'd love to have them.  I have been teaching for 31 years and have had a few student teachers, so I'm used to it.  


Susan Palmer, Grade 3, Plummer Motz School, 192 Middle Road, Falmouth, ME  04105.  Contact her by email.  spalmer@fps.k12.me.us    Teaching and Learning - it's a wonderfully fun journey we make together, children and teachers, hand in hand.


Paul Rosenblum, Grade 4, Plummer Motz School, 192 Middle Road, Falmouth, ME 04105, prosenblum@fps.k12.me.us


Amy Wheeler, Grade 5, Falmouth Middle School.  Yes, it would be fine to put my name on such a list AND I feel energized by the opportunity to open my classroom to anyone who would like to visit. The absolute best way to contact me is through email. 



Jean Logan, Grade 1-2 Looping Class, D.W. Lunt School, 74 Lunt Road, Falmouth, ME  jlogan@fps.k12.me.us     I would be happy to have students come to visit if scheduling works.  Visiting a variety of classrooms is a great way to get a feel for how different literacy education can look in action.   Happy Day!


Carol Daigle, Grade 2, D.W. Lunt School.  I am glad to help give your students an opportunity to observe and/or help out during their visit. I feel that observing many different teaching situations gives students a better look at the profession.  Feel free to contact me by email.  cdaigle@fps.k12.me.us


Jennifer Merrifield, Grade 4 teacher, Plummer Motz School, 192 Middle Road Falmouth 04105    JMerrif@fps.k12.me.us   I love to share my passion for teaching with others entering the profession.



Cheryl Fotter. Grade 3, Village Elementary School, 12 Robie Street, Gorham, Me.  04038 222-1363--direct line to my classroom, cheryl_fotter@gorham.k12.me.us
I would love to have your students join me in my class.  E-mail is best for me.  I check daily and will get right back to you.


Heather Russell.  Grade 6, science and language arts. Gorham Middle School  heatherr@gorhamschools.org    A visit to my classroom is well-suited for students who have a particular interest in learning about how to use service-based learning in a
hands-on, integrated approach while meeting the needs of a diverse group of students. Our school garden program is at the heart of the work we do across the curriculum


Cindy Hayes, Kindergarten, Kennebunk Elementary School, chayes@msad71.net

Our children are our future and their future is shaped by the good teachers and positive experiences they have in school.  The most meaningful experiences an aspiring teacher can have are with students in the classroom environment with the careful support and mentoring by another teacher.  I welcome preservice teachers--they hold the key to the



Mary Hebert, 7th grade Language Arts teacher at the Middle School of the Kennebunks. If you come visit my classroom I hope you'll observe 1) kids taking charge of their own learning 2) kids enjoying writing and reading.  mhebert@msad71.net

Carolyn Sylvanus, 7th grade Language Arts teacher at the Middle School of the Kennebunks.  I would be delighted to have UNE students visit our classroom. Emailing me is a great idea. It's exciting, and it's a great opportunity for students to show their "stuff.". Students take it as a compliment when we have visitors.  csylvanus@msad71.net

Rebecca Waldron, Grade 2, Mitchell Elementary School, Kittery, ME  03905, 
(207) 439-1707 ex. 229, rwaldron@kitteryschools.org



Claudette Purington.  Grade 1, Manchester Elementary School, Manchester, ME  The easiest way to contact me is by phone at 582-1258 at home or 623-2949 x315 at school.  I can also be reached by e-mail at keyes@midmaine.org   I have been in first grade for 21 years and still love every minute of it. We welcome company and encourage students to become active participants while they are here.



Joan Gildart, Grade 4, Longfellow School, 432 Stevens Avenue, Portland, ME 04103, 207- 874-8195. Contact her by email gildaj@portlandschools.org. I've been teaching in the Portland school system since 1973, from kindergarten through fifth grade (and find the cycles of child development ring true...no matter what grade I'm working with, I still say, "Take turns; hands & feet to yourself; name on your paper!!!!". Glad to be of help!


Pat Lammers, Grade 4 with Steve Fuller at Hall Elementary School in Portland, Maine.  You can get in touch with her via email:  lammep@portlandschools.org   Teaching is a very demanding and exhausting profession, but if you work hard and focus on the needs of students, it can be very rewarding.  You can make a difference in many students' lives.


Karen Koppen, Kindergarten, Longfellow Elementary, 432 Stevens Avenue, Portland, Maine (Just down the road from the UNE Westbrook campus).  Best to contact her by phone at 874-8195. 



Melanie White (UNE teacher education!)  5th Grade Teacher, C.K. Burns School
Saco, Maine 04072   
mwhite@saco.org   If you have students whot would like to observe a 5th grade teacher, feel free to pass my name on.   I am loving my new job and truly enjoying teaching!

Courtney Fitzgerald, CK Burns, 3rd grade Teacher, 135 Middle Street, Saco, ME 04072
cfitzgerald@saco.org    In order to learn how to teach you need to do it; before you can do it, you have to experience it.   On a side note, it hasn't been that long (less than 10 years) since I was the student who needed to see teaching in action.  I still remember how
important it is to go into a classroom and watch what it is like

From a UNE student, She was funny, smart, and so excited to have me observe. She was wonderful and seems very welcoming to future observations.

Nicole Walton   Grade 4 at CK Burns School, 135 Middle Street, Saco, ME nwalton@saco.org   Email is the best way to reach me.   I'm very willing to have students visit my classroom for a first hand look and I encourage them to contact me.  I guess my feelings about visits can be summed up with...It's been a few years since I was observing and visiting and preparing myself for a career in education, but not so many that I've forgotten how valuable visits and talking with teachers and students can be. 


Jim Hand  8th Grade, Saco Middle School, Saco, ME  jhand@saco.org

I would love to have your students come in.  I teach 8th grade writing (3 blocks), pre-algebra, and social studies.  I would love to have UNE students come observe what I am doing.  Send me a quick email to set up a time.


Bob LePauloue.  7th Grade Reading, Thorton Academy Middle School, (cell) 934-5422 (home) 282-4181.   I have always enjoyed having UNE students visit my classroom!

South Portland

Robin Reinhold, Brown Elementary School, 37 Highland Avenue, South Portland, ME 04106, ReinhoRo@spsd.org or RREINHO1@maine.rr.com


Steep Falls (near Standish, SAD #6)

Debbie LaBrecque (Grade 1) and Brenda Merritt (Grade 3), Steep Falls Elementary School, Steep Falls, ME, (207) 675-3321


Paula Nadeau, Grade 1, Waterboro Elementary School, painter@sacoriver.net   
My feelings about having students come to observe my classroom are 1) they are always welcome and 2) if there is something in particular a student is interested in observing, I would like to know ( i.e. a math activity, the writing process, how I organize my reading
Sue Atwood, Wescott Junior High School, 426 Bridge Street, Westbrook, ME  04092, 
(207) 854-0830 ex. 539, atwoods@westbrookschools.org

Becca Cole, Gr. 1 ELC (Extended Learning Classroom), Windham Primary School, Windham, ME  04062, 892-1840, rcole@windham.k12.me.us     I enjoy working with preprofessionals (and professionals, too), and in fact just finished co-teaching Theoretical Foundations of Learning at USM, which was a great experience.  I have given guest lectures on Assessment, Literacy Programming, Differentiation, and Comprehension at USM and St. Joe?s, so I have tons of materials that I would be happy to share with students at UNE.


Deb Luce and Carol Otley, Grade 4, Windham Manchester School, 709 Roosevelt Trail (Route 302), North Windham 04062    dluce@windham.k12.me.us  and cotley@windham.k12.me.us     Both have wonderful senses of humor.  Carol says whoever comes to her room should be prepared because they "eat & dissect gross things they read about."  She's referring to her unit on owl pellets, Owls in the Family, which they don't eat.  We love having students come to our school.


Kristen Foley, Grade 5, Manchester School, 709 Roosevelt Trail, Windham.  The best email to reach me at would be my school email, which is kfoley@windham.k12.me.us
 I always enjoy having another adult in the room to give me another set of eyes and a fresh perspective.  Plus, learning how to behave around, and be polite to, visitors is an important social lesson for my 5th graders.  Given that I'm brand new to elementary teaching, it will be beneficial for teachers-to-be to see what it's like to be a first-year! 
Kristen completed her teacher education at UNE.


? Dan Rothermel 2007

Department of Education

University of New England




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