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Friday, 21 May 2004

Morning Meeting from the Responsive Classroom


Essential Question ? What?s it take to build a classroom learning community?


Backward Design Lesson Planning:

            Why is this learning experience important (i.e. What?s the point?)? (1) To establish that the foundation for effective classroom management is knowing your students, (2) To give you the experience of planning and running a Morning Meeting so that you are more likely to use it with your future students, and (3) To give you a practical way to put the language into language arts.

            What will you know or be able to do or demonstrate when you are done? You will demonstrate by leading a Morning Meeting for 10-25 minutes.

            How will I know that (i.e. assessment)?  Your classmates and I will give you feedback based on the Morning Meeting guidelines.


Guidelines:  With a partner, you will lead your classmates through the four stages (Greeting, Sharing, Activity, and Announcements) of 10-25 minute Morning Meeting.  Include a handout for each of your classmates describing the greeting and the activity.  Reference the Morning Meeting book, when appropriate.  At the bottom of the handout, put your copyright.   (e.g. ? Diana Taurasi and Ben Gordon 2006)


Group Members __________________________________________________________


Morning Meeting Guidelines

                                                                Needs                 Meets             Exceeds   

                                                                              Improvement    Expectations    Expectations           

Handout without errors (Includes title, all four elements with Greeting and Activity explained, copyright)           




Sufficient handouts (three hole punched) for classmates








Eye Contact





            of Class




Time 10-25 minutes      





Reviewer?s Name _____________________________________

On the back of this paper, mention at least one thing you liked about        the Morning Meeting and one suggestion for improvement, if any.


Kriete, R.  (2002).  The morning meeting book.  Greenfield, MA: Northeast Foundation for Children. 


? Dan Rothermel 2007    

Department of Education               

University of New England      



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