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Saturday, 14 February 2004

Original Piece of Writing Guidelines (EDU 320/520)


Backward Design Lesson Planning:

Why is this learning experience important? (i.e. What?s the point?)  To demonstrate that: (1) The teacher is the primary model for students that reading and writing matter, (2) Students learn to write well by writing often and having choices, (3)
Writing can be nurtured by conversation with peers and learned others, and (4) By writing themselves, teachers better understand the writing process.

            What will you know or be able to do or demonstrate when you are done? You will demonstrate competence by writing with focus and with details by completing an original final draft after participating in a reading/writing workshop.

            How will I know that (i.e. assessment)?  See the rubric below.  Also, you will read your piece aloud during the Reading Celebration Day.

Guidelines:  Draft an original piece of writing (one and a half or double-spaced) that comes from the writing experiments done in this course or from an idea of your own (but not a redrafting of a previous piece).  To better understand the drafting process, make at least three drafts (including the final one) of at least two to three pages in length.  During the first three weeks of class, you will write each week in class.  During the fourth week of class, you will read your own piece to your classmates, provide response to your classmates when they read, and bring in only the hard copy final draft for me.  Prior to your reading, begin with an introduction about how you decided on the subject of your piece.

EDU 320/520 Original Piece Rubric






1. Title Page


Less than Acceptable


All the title page elements in the guidelines below (3)

Acceptable plus



Proficient plus Acknowledgements (5)

2. Develop-ment




Sufficient details


Detailed description


Many details, Focused moment, re- flective insights (15)

3. Grammar, Usage, and Spelling


More than two  errors/ typos (0-2)



Clean copy


4. Self-evalua-tion of Con -ferencing (5)



Reluctant, but willing


Decent effort


Fully engaged, seeking input, reflective (5)


Guidelines for the title page:  Include the title of your piece, a quote from your piece, your name, date, and the year and institution where you will graduate or have graduated. The dedication is often a one or two sentence statement about someone or sometwo.  The acknowledgements are generally a listing of people.   At the end of your hard copy final draft that you hand to me, put your score (1-5) for your self-evaluation of your conferencing.     


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