Dialogue of Civilizations

May 2002



Departure: May 21, 2002

Return to US: June 8, 2002


The Trip

Take off from Logan Airport in Boston, and travel via JFK in New York City to Casablanca.  We will be flying with the Moroccan airlines, Royal Air Maroc.



Program for the 8th World Sacred Music Festival.

The government of Morocco has a web site with extensive and useful information on the country. 

The travel guide Lonely Planet has an excellent summary of the country.

Another brief but good description of Morocco.

Royal Air Maroc (RAM) also has brief but excellent pages on the history, culture, arts, etc. of Morocco. You could also check RAM's safety record.

Those interested in Morocco's rich Jewish heritage may consult the Sephardic-Moroccan page 

Learn a few Moroccan words before you travel

Good audio collections of  Moroccan popular music

A good, brief article about Moroccan cuisine.  The magazine Bon Appétit named Moroccan cuisine its "Cuisine of the year" for 2001.

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy. Read an English translation of the Constitution.

Information on any aspect of tourism in Morocco.

Morocco is relatively a safe country.  If you want to find out about any information related to US citizens in Morocco, check the US Embassy's web page.

To register or for information regarding academic credit, 
please call (207) 797-7688, ext. 4406 or e-mail



 Number of seats limited. 



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