Publications of the Baxter Society

VI Cover of The Jewel-a Romance of Fairyland by Rockwell Kent, together with the title page of the companion booklet. This was the Society's second publication (1990) and it received the Printing Excellence Award of the Maine Graphic Arts Association in (1991)

VII Title page and fronds for A Passionate Intensity -- The Life and Work of Dorothy Healy, third book publication of The Baxter Society, 1992. Printed at the Stinehour Press in an edition of 1000 copies, sales of this book have established a fund to support the Maine Women Writers Collection which Dorothy developed and directed.

VIII Club meeting announcements/ephemera produced during our first decade. On the right is a bookmark by George Benington.

IX A selection of club memorabilia/ephemera during its first decade.

X, XI Invitation to a Dinner celebrating publication of The Jewel, the Baxter Society's second book, in 19go, Opposite is the menu for the occasion, created by Bruce Kennett, the award-winning designer of the book.

XII Broadside announcement/poster designed and printed by Scott Vile and George Benington at the Ascensius Press in 1992 for an auction to raise money for the Society's Stephen Harvard Award competition.