Advancing the quality
and diversity of private
and public libraries.

Promoting excellence in
the arts pertaining to the
history, design, and
production of books.

Providing a supportive
environment for those
interested in the creation,
preservation, and
collection of books.

Regular meetings of the Society are held on the second Wednesday of each month from September to May at 7:30 in the evening.

The meetings are currently held in the library of the Maine Historical Society or the Center for Maine History's Shettelworth auditorium, 485 Congress Street, Portland.

The regular meeting in December is an annual meeting for election of officers, which has been combined with a Christmas party or special seasonal event.

Visitors are welcome; members are invited to bring guests.

The Baxter Society has been privileged to present a most interesting roster of speakers since 1983 . The following is an example:

September 12, 2001 Angela Lorenz
Renowned book artist
Studied at Brown and Rhode Island School of Design and Bologna, Italy

October 10, 2001 John Kristensen, Fire Fly Press

November 14, 2001, Mary Cerullo Nonfiction children's books (on scientific discovery) calls herself a scientific interpretor

In 1990 the Baxter Society established the Steven Harvard award for excellence in the book arts to honor the memory and work of our late Honorary member, a gifted designer, printer and calligrapher. This prize has been awarded every two years. (Describe1998-92: contest, judges, winners. Follow examples in The Decennial.)

The Nancy Cowan Lecture. The deceased Nancy Cowan was a former president and notable member of Baxter for whom a special in memoriam lecture is held once a year.

Summer Outings: During club break for summer months an outing is planned that is both social and educational in nature. Publish list from pg. 14, The Decennial (update)

There are two categories of membership: Active and Honorary. . . .create text in paragraph form from page 15-16 (#3 & 4) By-laws of The Decennial. Membership dues are now $30.

Dwiggins "B".
Past Presidents, Current Officers, Committees